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Mobius Firmware Revision History

Step 1 Firmware

v0.32 - release version

v0.34 - fixes 720p-60 fps bug (new compiler code caused 1080p AOV and frame doubled, not unique frames.

v0.35 - fixes an obscure bug that caused corrupted files when the audio was turned off.

v0.39 - fixes an obscure bug that prevented the time lapse images from being saved in a new folder when the last file name number reached 9999. The bug cause newly saved images to simply overwrite what was in file 9999. Also diminished obstruction of the image by video-out "card full" and "low battery" alerts.

v0.41 - fixes two bugs. One caused a random end-of-file termination irregularity that caused some files to end with an error message in WMP, and it also prevented the latest WMM from pre-processing the file so it could be edited. The second bug caused recording to stop rather than continue on from the internal battery when any external power source was removed. That function is now only active when the Auto Power On function is turned ON (for car recorder use, etc.).

v0.42 - fixes a bug that would delete the entire xxxHDDVR folder (located in the DCIM folder where the camera writes all of its video and photo files ) if the folder contained files which were ALL renamed to any name that did not match the standard name format the camera uses when it writes the files... i.e. "REC_xxxx.MOV" for video and "IMAGxxxx.JPG" for photos.

v0.44 - Adds further WB stabilization tweaks. Time lapse photo improvements increase detail and eliminate color banding at the lower delay settings. ALL photo frame sizes can now shoot with delays down to .25 sec. with good quality, though the time stamp will not be displayed at settings of 1 sec. or less.

v0.45 - Fixes Time Lapse Photo bug that caused memory card to be erased if the card filled up.

v0.47 - Fixes random recording termination in time lapse mode. Eliminates the black background in video-out alerts for low battery and full memory card. Fixes a rare date setting error when using the "?" symbol in lieu of numbers in the date/time toggle key when manually editing/installing the config file.

v0.53 - added 60Hz and 50Hz settings to eliminate flicker with some lighting caused by AC power line frequency.
- Global 180 deg. image rotation has been replaced with individual toggles for both video modes and photo mode.
- Lens A and Lens B auto WB correction options for Standard (Lens A) and Wide Angle (Lens B) lenses.
- Auto recording can now be toggled to start when power button is press and/or when external USB power is connceted (with no active data lines).
- Auto recording started with external USB power can now be toggled to stop/save immediately, continue for 10 sec., or continue until internal battery power runs out.
- Battery Charge Indicator blinks the rear red LED only from 1 to 3 times when camera first boots to show approximate state of charge.

v0.57 - fixed the elusive external power auto-record bug that began recording instead of going into disk mode when connected to a PC USB port with certain memory cards and cameras.
- Moved the video capture areas for the "Small" AOV video modes to center-most area of the CMOS array.

v0.59 - fixed a low light condition that caused flickering when a bright light source moved into the frame.
- fixed ghost scan line artifact near the top of the frame in the two "Small" (narrow) AOV (FOV) video modes.
- changed the web cam video to remain always upright (it was rotated 180 when photos were rotated).
- fixed an obscure bug in the playback mode that blanked the screen with certain rapid key presses.

Step2 Firmware - major function upgrade

v1.13 - Added motion detection and advance image quality tab with many functions to change recording image qualities (see Mobius Support Thread post #5446 for details)

v1.17 - Improves SOME memory card compatibility issues. Adds a second WDR "low light" BETA TEST setting (GUI update needed to set in unless manually editing the config.

v1.20 - Fixes Narrow, rotated video quality bug, improves battery charge status LED flashing sequence, adds code for Android Web Cam app by therau2000, and has new memory card communication code. Please read post number #8193 for more detail.

Step3 Firmware - major function upgrade

v2.10 - Moved many global function toggles to each video mode for greater versatility
- Added Boot Mode Default toggle: Mode 1, 2 or 3 (Photo mode). Photo Mode works with (or without) auto-record and time-lapse functions turned on.
- Added Date Format toggles for local country standards.
- Added additional 50, 25, 20, 15, 10, and 5 fps video playback frame rate options.
- Added Time lapse Movie Function, with fixed 0.25, 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 30 sec. frame capture delay options, or a Custom (hrs:min:sec.) frame capture option. Recordings will play back at the selected video playback frame rate giving native timelapse videos.
- Added AVI and MP4 movie file format options. AVI is non-standard format and cannot be edited without re-packaging or re-encoding.
- Added WVGA (848x480) Photo frame size option
- Changed 60s fixed Time-lapse Photo delay to a Custom setting (days:hrs:min). Camera goes to a "sleep" condition with delay >= 5 min. to conserve battery charge.
- Added Date Stamp display toggle for Photo Mode
- Added Audio-only recording mode (voice recorder - no video). Clip length settings do not affect audio recording, which is always continuous recording (unless manually stopped) for 16 hours (with external power) before it will S/S/C to avoid the 4GB file limit. Recording file size is about 3.75MB/min.
- Added toggles for Web Cam Rotatation (180 deg.) and Web Cam Video Mode (H.264 compression with audio or MJPG without audio). H.264 also offers much smaller file sizes, less latency, and possibly smoother playback on some older display devices.
- Slowed Down Battery status LED blinking to count flashes easier.

v2.18 - Fixed unexpected recording termination in Time Lapse Photo mode and with certain video clip lengths
- Fixed non-functional Contrast control function when Vivid Color Option is ON
- Fixed non-functional Mono Color Effect setting.
- Tweaked the WDR settings a bit.
- Fixed inoperative "Power Off with external power disconnect" function in Time Lapse Photo Mode when "Auto Record withexternal power connection" function is set.
- Fixed PAL (25 and 50fps) recording to record unique frames, but there is still an obscure problem during playback that causes the video to notplay back smoothly. Some players (e.g. VLC) show jerky motion whereas WMP is much better, though still noticeable. But they are reported to play properly on PAL TVs!
- Fixed off-center 1080p Narrow video frame.
- Fixed large jump in first Exposure Function increase increment above mid point
- Fixed File protection bug that only protected the last file in a continuous sequence. Now uses this logic:
a. If the current running file is less than 1 minute, it should lock previous file and the current file.
b. If the current running file will be closed less than 1 minute, it should lock the current file and the next file.
c. If the current running file has recorded over 1 minute and will be closed after 1 minute, only the current file is locked.
NOTE: You must turn on your folder options to show "Detail" file view with file "Attributes" toggled on in the folder header. Protected files will show an "R" flag to indicated the file is "read only".
- Fixed inconsistent timing when when Time Lapse Photo delay was set greater than 1 day.
- Added a Card Format option to select FAT32 or exFAT for cards greater than 32 GB capacity. Currently formatting 128GB cards with FAT32 does not work in the Mobius does not work.
- Eliminated the "weak" intermittent and moving scan line near the top of video frames.
- Fixed failure of a new clip to be started at the 4GB file size limit if the camera was powered by a standard 4 wire USB data cable plugged in a computer USB port.

v2.25- Tweak to fix obscure "phantom horizontal line" bug that randomly appears near the top of the video frame.
- Fixed random black frame bug that sometimes appears when panning from dark to bright scenes
- Fixed bug that caused the wrong clips to be set as "read-only" during loop recording.

v2.29 - Added Auto White Balance and Auto Exposure Manual Lock ability.
- Added another lens color correction toggle for new Lens C. You may find Lens B setting works better with lens C, depending on your eyes and monitor color calibration.
- Fixed MP4 continuous S/S/C file clip out-of-sync audio problem, but no 1 sec. overlap or loop recording with MP4.
- Additional tweaks to suppress the "phantom horizontal line" artifact that randomly appeared near top of frame

v2.30 - Fixed a bug that crept in un-detected in FW v2.29 and caused a drop recordedĀ abnormally highped frame about every 41 frames in any video mode that used the Wide FOV option.Ā 

v2.33 - Modified the Mode LED activity to provide visual confirmation when the Auto E/WB lock is set.
- Bug fix for Photo Mode Auto WB lock that caused the RGB settings to shift to different set of fixed values after the first WB-locked photo.

v2.37 - Auto Record with external power has new options for longer elays and "switch to motion detect" when power is disconnected.
- Loop recording can now use longer clip sizes. Known issue: Max clip length setting doesn't work (defaults to 10 min.)
- USER ALERT: longer clips means losing more history. Small cards can only hold several clips (e.g. five full10 min. clips on an 8 GB card)
- Narrow WVGA video mode uses a scaled down image of the 720 Narrow FOV, not direct pixel capture. GUI tool tip had wrong info.
- Time Lapse video playback is now limited to 30 fps (a DSP chip code limitation).
- Photo Mode WVGA frame size had distorted 3:2 aspect ration image. Corrected for 16:9 image like the 1080 and 720 frame sizes.
- Time Delay photos no long stop and now continue recording when the clock rolls past midnight with a delay set for 5 min. or longer.
- Auto WB lock now retains the locked settings on all subsequent clips after the first one when camera remains powered in the same mode.
- MP4 format video recording with battery power will now keep recording and not go into USB drive mode when PC USB power is connected.

v2.41 - Added feature for changing first four characters in the video file name.
- Fixed bug that caused "fractured" frames when 10fps frame rate was set with Audio Recording turned OFF.
- Fixed bug that caused Video Data Rate and File Size to be recorded incorrectly in the file properties metadata when the frame rate was changed.

See this link for latest FW and installation information: