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Software For The Mobius ActionCam HD Camera

Configuration Utilities


The Mobius ActionCam HD Camera and the #16 camera can both be configured with the mSetup utility. Please refer to the mSetup page for more information as to the various features that can be enabled, as well as the download link.

Mobius Manager

Although there is no official version of mSetup for Macs, the Mobius Manager utility can automate the creation of configuration files, to make it easier to manually configure the Mobius camera.

Video Playback Software

Improperly configured video codecs can result in choppy video playback, video artifacts, lack of video, or general video playback failure. If issues are encountered playing videos created with the Mobius ActionCam Camera, then playback should be tried with one of the following media players:

VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is a free media player that can be downloaded from It is easy to install, and can play just about anything. The use of VLC Player fixes playback issues about 99% of the time.

MPC-HC Media Player

MPC-HC Media Player is a free and lightweight media player that can be downloaded from If VLC Player is unable to playback the video files, then it is worth trying MPC-HC. Additionaly, the use of MPC-HC is highly recommended if a computer 5 years or older is being used for playback. MPC-HC Player will often be able to playback video files on systems in which VLC Media Player failed.

Video Editing Software


Mobius and #16 camera owners often inquire as to video editing software. Although there are many editors out there, a personal favorite is Avidemux. Avidemux is a free, simple, and easy to use video editing utility.

Memory Card Utilities

SD Formatter

Memory cards must be properly formatted ensure trouble free operation of the camera. Although the use of the formatting utilities included in most operating systems do a sufficient job, the use of SD Formatter is recommended, especially when encountering issues with a memory card. SD Formatter is an excellent memory card formatting utility, and is made available for free by the SD Association. SD Formatter can be downloaded from


Flash memory cards are commonly counterfeited as to brand, capacity, and speed class. Unbranded memory cards, and branded memory cards sold loose without retail packaging, are quite frequently mislabeled as to their specifications. If in doubt as to the authenticity of a memory card, the H2Testw utility can verify the speed class and capacity of the memory card. Be sure to use a memory card reader for the test, since testing the card in the camera over a USB cable may produce incorrect results. It is also advisable to avoid using a USB hub for the test.


We strongly recommend that any firmware updates be done using the mSetup configuration utility. However, the latest version of the Mobius ActionCam firmware is available for download on the manual firmware update page. The full revision history of the firmware is available here.