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How to remove or replace the Mobius Camera's lens module.

Required items:

  • Phillips Screwdriver (#00 or #000)
  • Replacement Lens Module (if replacing)


1.  Open the camera case.  Refer to instructions on how to open the camera if necessary.  

2.  The battery is held in place with double sided tape in the bottom left corner.  Gently lift the battery out of the case.  Do not pull on the wires as it could damage the connector.  Caution:  Do not use a metallic tool to remove the battery.  Do not puncture the battery!

Removing Mobius battery from case.     

3.  Using a non-metallic object, disconnect the ribbon cable by flipping the the socket retaining tab upwards.


How to open Mobius ribbon cable socket.

4.  Remover the lens module from from the case by either grasping the sides of the module, or by using an appropriate tool to pop the module out of position as shown below.

5.  When installing a new lens module, make sure that the ribbon cable is inserted with the gold pins facing up.  

6.  Once inserted, flip the retaining tab down to lock the ribbon in place.

7.  Insert the module into the appropriate slot in the case.  A standard lens module is installed in the slot closest to the circuit board.  The wide angle lens module is to be installed in the slot furthest from the circuit board.

8.  Once inserted, place the battery back into the case, and then re-assemble the camera.