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How to open the Mobius ActionCam

Required items:

  • Phillips Screwdriver (#00 or #000)


1.  Remove the memory card if one is installed.  

2.  Remove the white and blue Mobius sticker from the front of the camera.

Removing the Mobius sticker.

     3.  Loosen the two Phillips screws located on the bottom of the camera. Note that it is not necessary to completely remove the screws. One of the screws can be a bit difficult to completely remove. Loosening the screws is sufficient.

       Location of case screws on Mobius camera.

    4.  Lift the case up from the front, and then slide it back to release it.

          How to open the Mobius case.

    5.  To reassemble, first take the bottom piece, and slide it into the notches of the top portion.  Then, press the two pieces together at the front, near the lens.  Do not force it closed.  If everything is put together properly, the case should close easily.  Once closed, fasten the two screws on the bottom to hold it together.  Take care that the battery wires are properly routed on the inside of the plastic PCB reinforcement as shown below.

    Correct way to position Mobius battery leads.