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How to install a supercapacitor into the Mobius


The supercapacitor pair is intended as a replacement for the battery.  It does not hold enough power to operate the camera, but rather just enough to keep the date/time accurate for about one week.  The camera must be powered via an external source, such as a USB car charger.  Every time the camera receives power, the capacitor will recharge.

The supercapacitor is used in applications where the camera will be powered via an external source 100% of the time.  If the battery were used in such a situation, the battery would fail prematurely and require replacement.  The supercapacitor is most commonly used in dash camera setups, with the added bonus of more reliable performance in extremely hot or cold climates.

Required items:


1.  Remove the memory card if one is installed.  

2.  Remove the white and blue Mobius sticker from the front of the camera.

Removing the Mobius sticker.




    3.  Loosen the two Phillips screws located on the bottom of the camera. Note that it is not necessary to completely remove the screws. One of the screws can be a bit difficult to completely remove. Loosening the screws is sufficient.

       Location of case screws on Mobius camera.

    4.  Lift the case up from the front, and then slide it back to release it.

          How to open the Mobius case.

    5.  The battery is held in place with double sided tape in the bottom left corner.  Gently pry the battery out of the case, and then disconnect the battery from the circuit board using a non metallic tool.  Do not pull on the wires as it could damage the connector.  Caution:  Do not use a metallic tool to remove the battery.  Do not puncture the battery!

    Removing Mobius battery from case.       

    6.  Using a piece of double sided tape, install the supercapacitor to the bottom shell as shown, and then connect it to the circuit board.  Once connected, re-install the bottom shell, and fasten the two black screws that hold it together.

        Installing capacitor into Mobius camera.