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How To Configure The Mobius ActionCam As A Dash Camera

 All Mobius dash cameras sold by ship pre-configured for use as a dash camera, and will work right out of the box with no setup.  If, however, the a camera does need to be configured for dash cam duty, the following settings are the minimum needed for dash cam use.  Please note that the following instructions are only applicable to genuine Mobius cameras, and will not work with counterfeit Mobius cameras

Step 1 - Download the latest version of mSetup.  mSetup is the PC configuration utility that is used to configure various features of the Mobius camera.

Step 2 - Unzip to a folder of your choosing.  Once unzipped, double click on mSetup.exe. 

Step 3 - Insert a memory card into the Mobius camera.  Connect the camera to the PC using a USB cable.  The camera will automatically power on, and mount as removable storage.

Step 4 - In mSetup, click on the drive representing the camera to highlight it.  In the example below, drive G was highlighted.

Step 5 - The following changes are recommended for the typical dash camera setup:

    • Under basic settings, set 'Power On Auto-Record' to 'External Only'

    • Under basic settings, set 'Power Off Disconnect' to '10 Secs'

      • Note: If using a supercapacitor, this should instead be set to 'Immediate'

    • Under Mode 1, set 'Rotate Video 180' to 'Yes'

    • Under Mode 1, set 'Loop Recording' to 'On'

    • Optional - Set 'Video Clip Length' to '5 minutes' (recommended for loop recording)

    • Optional - Make the Mode 1 changes in Mode 2 if so desired.



    Step 6 - After making the above changes, be sure to click on the 'Set Paramaters' button on the bottom right of the mSetup configuration utility.  Once the changes are applied, the camera may be disconnected from the computer.