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How to Change a Mobius camera battery

Required items:


1.  Open the camera case.  Refer to instructions on how to open the camera if necessary.  

2.  The battery is held in place with double sided tape in the bottom left corner.  Gently lift the battery out of the case, and then disconnect the battery from the circuit board using a non metallic tool.  Do not pull on the wires as it could damage the connector.  Caution:  Do not use a metallic tool to remove the battery.  Do not puncture the battery!

Removing Mobius battery from case.       

3.  Connect the new battery to the circuit board, and install as shown.  Apply a new piece of double sided tape if necessary. Once the battery is fastened into the case, install the bottom shell, and tighten the screws.

 How to install Mobius Battery.