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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I'm confused by the V3, Lens A, and Lens C2 designations. What does it all mean?

A: The Mobius ActionCam has received multiple updates since its inception. The V3 revision added new features - specifically over-voltage protection and a larger battery. The V3 designation was added to let those following development know which version of camera was for sale. Similarly, the wide angle lens has received several revisions since inception. The current C2 lens is a high quality glass lens, and has the widest FoV of all previous lenses. The V2 and B/C lenses have been discontinued, so it shouldn't be a concern unless purchasing a used camera.

Q: I have an older camera with a 520 mAh battery. Will the 820 mAh battery fit?

A: Yes, it will fit in an older camera. However, it will take several hours longer to charge, since it is a bigger battery.

Q: What is the point of the supercapacitor?

A: The supercapacitor was initially introduced with dash camera usage in mind. When used as a dash camera, the Mobius is powered via a USB charger 100% of the time. As a result, the battery will always have a full charge, which is bad for the longevity of the battery. This coupled with hot weather, will cause the battery to fail sooner than later. The supercapacitor holds just enough power to keep the time and date accurate for about one week. It does not hold enough power to record video on its own. The supercapacitor is only for use when powering the camera via an external source, such as a USB charger. Finally, the supercapacitor may increase reliability of the camera, particular if used in hotter climates.

Q: Is the Mobius Mac compatible?

A: Yes, in the sense that it will mount as removable storage, and videos will play back on a Mac. However, there is no Mac version of the mSetup configuration utility. The camera will have to be configured manually, and the firmware will have to be updated manually as well. However, there are third party utilities such as Mobius Manager that can aid in the configuration of the camera.

Q: How do I tell if I received a counterfeit Mobius?

A: Please view the guide to identifying counterfeits.


Q: Are the lenses interchangeable?

A: Yes. The Mobius lens A/B/C/C2 can all be installed in the camera, provided that it is a current model. Older cameras might not accommodate all of the lenses. Although the lenses can be swapped out, the lens must be refocused when doing so, and it is not recommended to swap the lenses on a regular basis.

Q: Can I swap the lens modules instead?

A: The lens module is the entire lens assembly. It can be quickly changed by disconnecting the ribbon cable from the camera's circuit board. The lens module is already focused, and refocusing is not required when changing it out. The lens modules can easily be swapped out in current cameras. Older cameras used a slightly narrower module, and their cases will not accommodate the current lens modules. If a lens module needs to be replace on an older camera, the case will need to be replaced as well.

Q: How do I know if I have an older camera that won't support the current lens modules?

A: If your camera has a small hole for the LED opening, then it will not accommodate the current lens modules. If your camera was one of the early ones with the oval LED window, it might not accommodate the current lens modules. As a general rule, any camera produced prior to 2015 will most likely not accommodate the wider lens module.


Q: Why are class 4 memory cards recommended?

A: Class 4 memory cards are recommended for best compatibility. Due to variations in memory cards, it is impossible for every card to be compatible. Most memory cards will work, but occasionally incompatible cards are encountered. If you already have a memory card, then by all means try it. Most cards will work without issue. However, understand that there is a possibility that the card will be incompatible. Kingston class 4 cards are recommended for best compatibility. Since memory cards are often counterfeited, it is recommended that memory cards be purchased in retail packaging from trusted sources such as Amazon.

Q: Does the camera support a 64 GB memory card?

A: The Mobius officially supports memory cards up to 32 GB in size. Larger cards may work, but will be subject to file size limitations. Additionally, larger cards are more likely to be incompatible. That being said, many people have used larger cards without issue.

Q: I was told that a class 10 card will give me better video. Is this true?

A: No.


Q: How do I change the battery?

A: Please refer to our guide on how to change the battery.

Q: How do I install a supercapacitor?

A: Please refer to our guide on how to install the supercapcitor.

Q: How do I swap out a lens module?

A: Please refer to your guide on how to replace a lens module.


Q: My camera won't power on auto record.

A: First, make sure that the camera was correctly configured to power on auto record. Second, please note that he camera will not power on auto record if connected to a computer or data connection. If the camera senses a data connection, it will go into USB storage mode. Make sure that the camera is plugged into a USB charger, as opposed to a computer or in car USB port.

Q: The camera records video, but when I play it back, the video stutters or has artifacts.

A: This is almost always a result of video decoding, and is not caused by the camera itself. If using an older computer, try using either MPC-HC or VLC Player to playback the files. Additionally, make sure to copy the video files to your computer first, and then play them back. Some computers may not be able to correctly play the video directly off of the camera.

Q: A memory card is installed, but the camera's LED just flashes yellow when turned on.

A: The camera does not recognize your memory card. First, power off the camera, and then remove and replace the card. If that doesn't work, try a different memory card. If no other memory cards are available, then try formatting the memory card. A full format is preferred as it will definitely eliminate a corrupt memory card. Further, using a formatting utility such as SD Formatter will ensure the card is properly formatted.

Q: I connected the camera to a PC, a driver was installed, but mSetup does not recognize it. The LED just flashes yellow.

A: The camera is in webcam mode. In order to use mSetup, a memory card must be installed. Disconnect the camera, wait for it to power off, insert a memory card, and then reconnect it to your computer.

Q: I have my camera set up as a dash cam, but when I connect it to my laptop, it is not recognized.

A: Do not use the 3 meter USB power cable to connect, as it does not support data. Use the shorter USB data/power cable that came with the camera.