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720p #16 Camera Specifications



  • Video Resolution: 720p @ 30fps, 848 x 480, 640 x 480.
  • Video codec: h.264 codec, .mov file type. Optional .avi file type via firmware update.​
  • Photo Resolution: 1280 x 960 and 1280 x 720. 
  • Lens field of view (approx.): 70 degrees (Lens 'A'), 78 degrees (Lens 'B'), and 120 degrees (Lens 'D').
  • Battery: Internal rechargeable lithium ion battery provides up to 60 minutes of recording time per charge.
  • Memory: The camera supports a Micro SD memory card up to 32 GB in size. Class 4 cards are recommended.
  • USB 2.0 plug and play. The camera will mount as removable storage on a PC, Mac, or Linux based system allowing for easy transfer of files to your computer.
  • Webcam mode.
  • User upgradable firmware allows for the correction of bugs and/or the addition of new features in the future.
  • Fully configurable via a free PC configuration utility, free Android App, or by manually editing the configuration text file (PC/Mac/Linux).