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Improved Mobius V3 Announced.


Improvements to the Mobius have just been announced.  The Mobius will now be shipping with a revised circuit board, and although this is not the first time the PCB has been revised, this revision brings features worth mentioning.  Addtionally, the battery and case have been updated.  The V3 revisions brings with it:

  • A revised case, with an oval LED window for better visibility.
  • A larger, 820 mAh battery, which provides approximately 130 minutes of recording timer per charge.  This is a significant improvement over the original 520 mAh battery, which provided 80 minutes of run time per charge.
  • A revised charging circuit to accommodate the larger battery.
  • Over voltage protection, which prevents the camera from being damaged should it be inadvertently attached to a power source greater than 5 volts.  This will also prevent the camera from being damaged should a USB car charger fail, and provide it with 12 volts of power.  If this happens, the camera will simply not power on.
Details of the announcement can be viewed at the R/C Groups forum.

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